Word of Agreement in Japanese Crossword Clue

I hope you enjoy using what we think is the best crossword puzzle on the market. We love monkeys and know that their intelligence skyrockets. Primates tend to have the largest brains, hence the name of our website. Here`s how it works: Just enter the crossword puzzles in the first field. Example (“type of fruit”). In the second field, enter the PATTERN of the letters in your puzzle. Use “?” for unknown letters. Example (“b??? n?” This means that you already know the letters of two squares of a 7-letter word. Now, click on Solve! Viola! You can see the answers to well-known crossword clues. You can also type “b3n1” with the numbers that indicate how many unknown letters there are. Other scenarios: If you don`t know any of the letters in the response, but you know it`s a 4-letter word, type “????,” and then click Resolve.

Note that it may take longer to resolve your clue if you know 0 letters in the word. To fill in the empty tips, you can skip the field and continue with a space in the hint. For tips that refer to a different index number, such as 13, you can enter them, but it`s helpful to have a template with more letters for more accurate results. Use our crossword solver above to complete your crossword puzzle! Solving a crossword puzzle can be tricky, especially the tricky puzzles that appear later in the week. But the crossword monkey is here to help! Through rigorous compilation, we have collected and documented tons of responses from the New York Times, usa today, Buzzfeed, and many other publications. We have a database of over a million clues from which you can search. The crossword solver is easy to use. Enter the clue of your crossword puzzle in the first input field above. Then let us know in the example box how many letters you want the answer to be. You don`t need to use this box, but it helps tremendously in eliminating possible bad solutions. If you know that the answer is 5 letters long and starts with a T, you can type 5 OR T???? OR T4, all of which work.

T???? and T4 are more descriptive because they let us know that T are the first Latvians. Whether you`re doing difficult crossword puzzles in a newspaper or an online challenge, we should be able to help. We include cryptic crossword puzzles and we see their growing popularity. Take a look around and let us know if we`re missing out on popular crossword posts or specific crossword puzzle tips. We update frequently, but of course, we sometimes miss some possible answers. Have fun with puzzles! Please let us know after use if you have been able to find the right answer! The best advice we can give you is to use the PATTERN function! This will help refine your results in a very effective way. Just be sure to enter the template carefully, because if it`s wrong, you won`t see your right solution in the list of answers. .